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Round 7 Results

Another successful weekend for the Panthers! Coming off the Kings birthday long weekend, the Division 1 Panthers team backed there 4-0 win over Stawel with another 4-0 win, this time Hamilton being the victim of the Panthers good form. A Razvan Atodiresi hattrick and an Anu Ganugapati header off the back of a supreme Daniel Ponturo cross helped the Panthers to their third straight win. Division 2 battled hard at home to beat the ladder leading Wolves, after losing to them 6-1 a fortnight ago. Under 17s continued there run of form with a dominant 6-0 win

The Panther U14s suffered a 6-2 defeat to Hamilton, whereas the U12s defeated Hamilton 3-0 to continue there strong season keeping them 2nd on the ladder!

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